Renate Ariadne van der Togt (b. 1993 Haarlem, NL) is a Dutch artist and photographer living in London. She works between London and Amsterdam.

The work that Renate Ariadne makes is about the friction between body and identity. How the body and what we do with it, influences the perception that we have of ourselves. She focuses on themes such as identity and sexuality, and feelings closely related to the body; like shame, disgust, admiration, lust and loneliness.

Renate Ariadne has been featured by Magazines such as Document Journal, Nicotine Magazine and Metal Magazine and her work has been shown in Red Hook Labs’ Labs New Artists (II + III) exhibition in New York two years in a row.

Selected Publications 
Document Journal, Nicotine Magazine, Metal Magazine

The Unnatural, self published, 48 pages, softcover stitched, edition of 70 (2016)

2019, Photo Vogue, VR exhibition, Milan, IT
2019, UNSEEN Amsterdam, Red Hook Labs, Amsterdam, NL
2019, Labs New Artists III, Red Hook Labs, Brooklyn, NY
2018, Acid Salt, Amsterdam, NL
2018, Photo Vogue, Milan, IT
2018, Fotografiehuset, Oslo, NO
2018, Labs New Artists II, Red Hook Labs, Brooklyn, NY